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The Chinese Economy Recent Trends and Policy Issues
The Chinese Economy: Recent Trends and Policy Issues by Giorgio Gomel, Daniela Marconi, Ignazio Musu and Beniamino Quintieri
English | ISBN: 3642286372, 3642435564 | 2012 | PDF | 284 pages | 3,5 MB

This book takes readers on a unique journey across some of the most debated implications of the rise of the Chinese economy on the global scene. From the analysis, suggestions emerge on how to improve statistical tools to measure performance and to obtain more precise macroeconomic forecasts.
Moreover, it confirms the suspicion that a governance model of firms that does not sufficiently encourage market competition may have significant costs in terms of efficiency for the Chinese production system. The analysis of demographic factors and of household savings gives further support to calls for a serious reform effort, particularly of the pension and health care systems, to utilize households' savings more efficiently and equitably. Finally the analyses of Chinese and global trade underscore the need for a less superficial consideration of the implications of the Chinese presence in global markets.

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