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Healthcare Disparities at the Crossroads with Healthcare Reform
Healthcare Disparities at the Crossroads with Healthcare Reform By Louis W. Sullivan (auth.), Richard Allen Williams (eds.)
2011 | 446 Pages | ISBN: 1441971351 | PDF | 6 MB

Building upon the success of Dr. Williams's widely influential book Eliminating Healthcare Disparities in America: Beyond the IOM Report, this new volume takes a fresh and timely look at the state of healthcare reform and the progress and problems we face in the pursuit of healthcare equality. This book focuses on how the elimination of disparities can be accomplished through targeted efforts made within the context of reform. Comprising the combined efforts of the nation's best health policy analysts, researchers, key opinion leaders and clinicians, this book addresses both current and impending legislation and future movements in healthcare. With the knowledge that the problem of disparities extends beyond the present political arena into the larger scope of all aspects of healthcare delivery, the authors provide critical analysis of the causation of disparities, insightful examples of what has worked, and a striking call to action with implementable strategies for advancing equality.

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