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Recent Developments in Mobile Communications: A Multidisciplinary Approach

"Recent Developments in Mobile Communications: A Multidisciplinary Approach" ed. by Juan P. Maicas
InTeOpP | 2011 | ISBN: 9533079103 9789533079103 | pages | PDF | 13 MB

This book offers a multidisciplinary perspective on the mobile telecommunications industry. The aim of the book is to offer both comprehensive and up-to-date surveys of recent developments and the state-of-the-art of various economical and technical aspects of mobile telecommunications markets.

The economy-oriented section offers a variety of chapters dealing with different topics within the field. An overview is given on the effects of privatization on mobile service providers' performance; application of the LAM model to market segmentation; the details of WAC; the current state of the telecommunication market; a potential framework for the analysis of the composition of both ecosystems and value networks using tussles and control points; the return of quality investments applied to the mobile telecommunications industry; the current state in the networks effects literature.
The other section of the book approaches the field from the technical side. Some of the topics dealt with are antenna parameters for mobile communication systems; emerging wireless technologies that can be employed in RVC communication; ad hoc networks in mobile communications; DoA-based Switching (DoAS); Coordinated MultiPoint transmission and reception (CoMP); conventional and unconventional CACs; and water quality dynamic monitoring systems based on web-server-embedded technology.

Part 1 Economic Oriented
1 Privatization, Reforms and Firm's Performance in Mobile Telecommunication Industry
2 A Consumer Perspective on Mobile Market Evolution
3 The Role of WAC in the Mobile Apps Ecosystem
4 Finding Services and Business Models for the Next-Generation Networks
5 Mobile Platforms as Convergent Systems - Analysing Control Points and Tussles with Emergent Socio-Technical Discourses
6 Measuring the Return of Quality Investments on Mobile Telecommunications Network
7 Network Effects in the Mobile Communications Industry: An Overview
Part 2 Technical Oriented
8 Multiband and Wideband Antennas for Mobile Communication Systems
9 Comparative Analysis of IEEE 802. lip and IEEE 802.16-2004 Technologies in a Vehicular Scenario
10 The Role of Ad Hoc Networks in Mobile Telecommunication
11 Beamfbrming in 3G and 4G Mobile Communications: The Switched-Beam Approach
12 Joint Cooperative Shared Relaying and Multipoint Coordination for Network MIMO in 3GPP LTE-Advanced Multihop Cellular Networks
13 Conventional and Unconventional Cellular Admission Control Mechanisms
14 Water Quality Dynamic Monitoring Technology and Application Based on Ion Selective Electrodes


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