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The Dyslexic Adult: Interventions and Outcomes - An Evidence-based Approach by David McLoughlin, Carol Leather
2013 | ISBN: 1119973937, 1119973945 | English | 336 Pages | PDF | 3.25 MB

A definitive and evidence-based guide for psychologists, teachers, coaches, HR personnel and all professionals who must understand and work with dyslexic adults.

The only book to look at dyslexia within the context of life span developmental psychology, including the factors that contribute to success - now fully revised and updated
Combines an accessible style with a strong focus on evidence-based practice and a sound theoretical model on which to base assessment, counselling, teaching and training
Provides a clear guide to the kinds of assessment that can be conducted and the ways in which dyslexic adults can be supported in selection, training, education and employment
Includes coverage of overlapping syndromes such as dyspraxia and dyscalculia, and up-to-date check lists for syndromes that can be used as part of the assessment process


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