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Symantec Endpoint Protection v12.1.671.4971 (x86/x64) For Windows/MacOSX + Protection Manager

Symantec Endpoint Protection v12.1.671.4971 (x86/x64) For Windows/MacOSX + Protection Manager | 1.15 GB

Symantec Endpoint Protection combines Symantec AntiVirus with advanced threat prevention to deliver unmatched defense against malware for laptops, desktops and servers. It goes beyond basic antivirus software programs to seamlessly integrate essential security technologies in a single agent and management console, increasing protection and helping lower total cost of ownership.

Unrivaled security. Blazing performance. Built for Virtual Environments. Be one of the first to try Symantec Endpoint Protection 12, shipping later this year. Download today.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12
Ideal for companies with 100 users or more.

Unrivaled Security
Powered by Insight, detects new threats earlier and more accurately than signature or behavioral based solutions alone.

Blazing Performance
Insight eliminates up to 70% of scan overhead compared to traditional solutions for performance so fast your users won't know it is there.

Built for Virtual Environments
Designed to seamlessly secure your virtual infrastructure.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 is built around an idea; that the context of a threat is as important as its content. Powered by Insight, the new Symantec Endpoint Protection uses age, frequency and source of files, along with other security metrics, to expose new and highly targeted threats. Symantec Endpoint Protection features:

* Significantly improved performance powered by Insight
* New real-time behavioral analysis for advanced detection of new and of highly targeted threats
* Improved central management including next generation Symantec Protection Center and integrated workflow support

Key Features:
* Unmatched protection from the world leader in security
* Seamlessly integrates antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and intrusion prevention as well as network access, device and application control (Symantec Endpoint Protection only)
* Requires only a single agent
* Powerful central management of security for physical and virtual Windows and Mac endpoints
* Enables instant NAC upgrade without additional software deployment (Symantec Endpoint Protection only)
* Antivirus and antispyware for Windows, Mac and Linux clients (Linux – Symantec Endpoint Protection only)
* Built to secure your virtual infrastructure

Key Benefits:
* Powered by Insight, it detects new and rapidly mutating malware
* Stops malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, bots, zero-day threats and rootkits
* Prevents security outbreaks thus reducing administrative overhead
* Lowers total cost of ownership for endpoint security

What Is Insight?
Symantec Endpoint Protection is powered by Symantec Insight - security technology that puts files in context, using their age, frequency, location and more to expose threats otherwise missed. Built on contributions from over 100 million systems in over 200 countries, Symantec Insight has the power to examine and track the context of files. Insight detects new and unknown threats that are missed by other approaches.

* Black-listing and white-listing only work when there are thousands of copies of a known file. But majority of malware today mutate to hide from black lists and white lists
* Insight correlates tens of billions of linkages between users, files, and websites to identify rapidly mutating threats that may only exist on a few systems
* Reduces scan overhead by as much as 70% by scanning only files at risk
* Can’t be evaded or coded around by self-mutating and encrypting malware
* With Insight malware creators are caught in a Catch-22 – mutate too little and get caught by signature based AV, mutate too much and get caught by Insight

Symantec Endpoint Protection v12.1.671.4971 (x86/x64) For Windows/MacOSX + Protection Manager


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