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CM - 962 Photo Overlays Bundle 2375698
  1. Photoshop 44 Rainbow Photo Overlays 2.0 
  2. 50 Single Clouds
  3. 28 Heart Bokeh
  4. 15 Bonfire
  5. 20 Blowing Snow Kisses
  6. 110 Natural Sun Lights Photo Overlays
  7. 15 Christmas Photo Masks - Inspire Christmas!
  8. 119 Colorful Light Leaks Photo Overlays
  9. 125 Light Leaks Photo Overlays
  10. 51 Tropic Brunch Overlays
  11. 51 Christmas Tree Brunch Overlays
  12. 317 Sky Overlays BUNDLE
  13. 16 Fog Overlays
  14. 21 Rose Petal Photoshop Overlays
  15. 97 Autumn Leaves Photo Overlays
  16. 50 Falling Snow Photo Overlays
  17. 52 Starry Sky Photoshop Overlays
  18. 33 Аurora Borealis Photo Overlays
  19. 64 Pastel Sky Overlays
  20. 64 Dramatic Sky Overlays
  21. 29 Butterflies Photoshop Overlays
  22. 33 Lens Flare Photoshop Overlays
  23. 28 Blowing kisses Photoshop Overlays
  24. 21 Lightning Photoshop Overlays
  25. 12 Soap Bubbles Photo Overlays
  26. 25 Rainbow Photo Overlays
  27. 58 Sky Photoshop overlays
  28. 16 Fabric Photo Overlays
  29. 21 Firework Photo Overlays

CM - 170 Mockup Bundle 2339808
PSD | 4 GB
Are you looking for brand-new mockups for your next branding projects? Do you want to upgrade your portfolio with fresh and high-quality mockups and impress your clients upon presentation of their design projects?
You should definitely grab this awesome bundle that will help you enhance your portfolio and showcase your artwork in a professional way. Everything you need in one bundle but for a limited time only...So hurry up!
Mockup Packs Include :
  1. The Essential Branding Kit
  2. 20 Closeup Mockup V1
  3. 15 Closeup Mockups V2
  4. 10 Flat Lay Desk Mockups
  5. 20 Minimal Frame Mockups
  6. 15 Storefront Mockups
  7. 10 Business card Mockups
  8. 10 Instagram Ready Sale Template Mockups
  9. 10 Tshirt Mockups (Male Version)
  10. 10 Tshirt Mockups (Female Version)
  11. 5 Tshirt Closeup Mockups
  12. 5 Hangtag Mockups
  13. 5 Isolated Tshirt Mockups
  14. 10 Hero Header Mockups (For Tshirt Store)
  15. 10 Outdoor Poster Mockups

CM - 1340 Indoors Filled Round Icons 2428207
CM - 1340 Indoors Filled Round Icons 2428207


This set includes Home, Yoga Poses, Games & Entertainment, Hand tools, Objects, Bakery, Coffee Shop, Hotel & Restaurant, Museum, Spa, Cafe & Bar, Casino, Furniture, Home Electronics, Household Objects, Stationery, Toy Set, Kitchen, Makeup Accessories, Men's Accessories, Sewing, Pet Shop, Party, Celebrations, Christmas and Office filled round icons. With 1340 icons, Iconbunny provides the most essential icons which can be used on all types of platforms including mobile apps, web and graphic design. Each icon is available in different file formats to cover all your needs.
  • Ready to use for all devices and platforms
  • 6 Different formats: AI, CDR, EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG
  • Designed using unigrid system
  • Each Indoors icon is designed for maximum usability
  • 100% vector icons
  • Easy to edit and scale
  • 20 PNG Sizes
  • Future updates for free

CM - Barbershop isometric constructor 2459031


Isometric 3d barber shop interior, hipster hair salon design with modern wood furniture, barbershop chair, sofa, bicycle, hairdresser accessories, mustache icon, beauty studio layout, inside room view. Set includes raster and vector (EPS 10, AI) files. 3 rooms, 1 set of icons, 3 banners. Vectorized files are fully editable and scalable.

CM - Set of different people profession 2438877


Ai EPS | 1.4 MB ZIP
Set of 20 different people profession. Manager, doctor, builder, cook, postman, waiter, pilot, policeman, photographer, fireman, veterinarian, teacher, maid, programmer, office worker, fitness trainer, designer, musician, politician, military, painter. Vector illustration in flat style.

CM - ROTHE - Vintage Luxury Font 2445803


4 OTF 4 TTF | 1.8 MB ZIP
ROTHE, A luxury vintage lettering style fonts. Inspired by the branding from the vintage classic era with the full decorative feels and complex design but still get the luxury feels right away.
Included Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers & Punctuations, Multilanguage Support, Alternates for the Uppercase with swashes and outlined version, and decorative elements in font file as well.
  • Rothe Standard
  • Rothe Outlined
  • Rothe Elements Standard
  • Rothe Elements Outlined

CM - Italian Breakfast 2458083


A handwritten, fun and happy modern calligraphy script font designed with iPad. Carefully crafted, clean vectors in Glyphs App. You can create beautiful hand-made typography with its bouncy, organic flow. Contains all Western and Central European accented characters, currencies: Thai Baht, Euro, Dollar and Yen. 
  • indie logos,
  • printed quotes,
  • invitations,
  • greeting cards,
  • Instagram posts,
  • products, packaging,
  • blog headers etc.

CM - NWB Tahiti Script 2382992


NWB Tahiti Script is an 80's flavoured script typeface equally suitable for both niche, retro-themed designs and modern branding where a breezy, stylish feel is desired. It's ink-stroked glyphs feature alternate characters for a variety of dynamic looks and ligatures to streamline certain letter pairings (T, L and "i_f" featured above). 

CM - Aharon Handwritten Brush Font 2457773


Aharon is a modern straight handwritten brush font. It is a unique handwritten font which makes it perfect for use in all your design related projects like prints, logos, signatures, quotes, badges, labels, headlines, banner, posters, printings, T-shirts, magazines, packaging design, blog, websites, designs, promotional, product, templates, etc.

CM - Amber Poison Bottle Mock-Up 2455356


PSD | 385 MB ZIP
This is a premium product mock-up. A beautiful high-gloss, reflective amber POISON -medical Bottle mock-up, allowing you to easily replace the label art with your own design, customise the bottle/glass colour, cap colour and replace the background area with an image or solid colour.
Comes packaged with:
  • 6X Hi-Res editable .PSD Files
  • Replace label art via Smart Layer
  • Customise Bottle/Glass Colour
  • Customise Cap Colour
  • Apply custom Cap artwork
  • Replace background image via Smart Layer or apply custom colour
  • Adjust Shadow & Reflection intensity
  • Achieve a printed on glass look or a label wrap
  • Achieve Transparent Background! (*See Notes in Scene File). NEW!
  • PDF Help File included.
  • ^This Mock-up contains optional displacement MAPS used in 2 scene Files.

CM - Aurora Watercolor Brushes Collection 2453042


Pure tenderness is lovingly cherished by our team, and we're happy to introduce Aurora, which is a manifest of it! Light, airy brush swashes, and their misty texture have been embraced to bring you a collection of 45 adorable brushes. We invite you to try them for sophisticated invitations, cards, mood boards and typography decor. You can also use Aurora collection to create your own masks for Instagram or as textures for your backgrounds — basically, whatever you apply them to, they will imbue it with the reverie of watercolors.
And remember, minor details decide everything, so never miss an opportunity to complement your toolbox with a lovely collection of watercolor brushes and try them in your next artwork — you must get a stunning result then!
  • 45 watercolor brushes (abr & png formats)
  • Size: from 2000 to 4000 px.

CM - Flower cottage 2458100


Create your idea with templates!
All artworks was originally hand painted and then scanned and converted into high quality digital files. White paper background I carefully remove. All images in PNG on a transparent background or in JPG on white background. 3500 * 3500 pixels. Software compatibility: PNG and JPG files will work with most graphic
software, MS Word and Pages also.
Archive contains files:
  • The gardener
  • Cottage, house
  • Cactus, roses, magnolia, morning glory (bouquet and individual elements)
  • Flower pots, basket, decorative basket-bike,
  • Bucket, lawn, lawn mower, bush, grass
  • Goose

CM - Wall Art Mockup,Minimal Frame Mockup 2457888


PSD | 182 MB ZIP
6 PSD mockups ( 2 Print Hangers, 2 Square Frames, 2 Reclaimed wood frame ) and 6 JPG images are included in this listing.
The mockups are accurate edited to achieve a final realistic look with calibrated shadows, luminosity and angles.
Products are perfectly designed for any online business : Blogging, Web, Social media, Instagram, Etsy.
Both PSD and JPG are 300 dpi. This simply means that they will look sharp and clear.
You can place the following sizes of your artworks in the mockups

CM - Animated Instagram Stories Pack II 2437806


The Animated Stories Template Pack II is a creative resource designed for the busy blogger/influencer/freelancer and all-around girlboss.
Use these animated story templates to showcase your work or share important updates or announcements with your followers in a fun and eye-catching way.
The animation effects have been added for you so that you can quickly drop your content in and share to Instagram. Some topics covered: new on the blog, inspo galleries, mood boards, polaroids, photoroll, favorite products, new outfits/photos, etc.
  • Includes: 25 Easy to Edit PSD Templates
  • w/ animation effects already added
  • Optimized for Instagram
  • Neatly organized layers
  • Free fonts used (links provided)
  • Video example of each template for reference
  • Help Document + Instructions
  • Option to use as an animated story or standard image

CM - Russian Porcelain Collection 2457814


PNG | 502 MB ZIP
Russian Porcelain Collection is a set of 24 high quality watercolor images (flowers, leaves and sprays), inspired by cobalt patterns on hand-painted ceramics by Imperial Porcelain Factory.
Russian Porcelain watercolor floral collection includes:
  • 3 large flowers approx. 2500?×?3300 px in PNG (with transparent background) and JPG formats;
  • 4 sprays approx. 2000?×?2000 px in PNG (with transparent background) and JPG formats;
  • 8 leaves approx. 700?×?700 px in PNG (with transparent background) and JPG formats;
  • 8 flowers approx. 700?×?700 px in PNG (with transparent background) and JPG formats;
  • 10 master tiles for seamless patterns 2000 × 2000 px / 170 mm × 170 mm / 6.6" × 6.6" in PNG (with transparent background) and JPG formats + Russian_Porcelain.pat for Adobe Photoshop;
  • 10 large digital papers 10000 × 10000 px / 840 mm × 840 mm / 33" × 33" in JPG format.

CM - Geometry/Art Deco Style Frames Set 2458296


Art Deco inspired set of geometical polygonal glittery frames, golden, silver + rose gold and black, with additional watercolor elements, washes, swashes, textures for background. Suitable for many projects - DIY, cards, wedding invitations, greeting cards, brand identity, packaging design, phone cases, posters, bags, wall art, logos, quotes, blog, web design, banners and more.
41 png files with transparent background
5 frames in four versions each (20 files): black, silver, golden and pink golden, - 5" (12 cm) 300 dpi 5 round watercolor swashes - 3" (7 cm) 300 dpi 5 cloudy watercolor shapes - 4" (10 cm) 300 dpi 5 background textures (digital papers) - 4" x 6" (10 x15 cm) 300 dpi 5 swashes - 6" (15 cm) 300 dpi


CM - Realistic Watercolor Brushes 2453638
Realistic watercolor brushes for Adobe Photoshop will help you to create any illustrations easily and use it on postcards, business cards, invitations etc.
You will get
  • one file (.abr) which includes a set of 7 brushes in high resolution
  • bonus 4 files PNG, flowers and dolphin


CM - Blue cups 2334402


Hand-painted "Blue cups" with watercolor cups of coffee, hot chocolate, tea, cappuccino espresso, latte. Collection of png, jpg elements and ready to use cards and posters. This set is perfect for invitations, greeting cards, flyers, brochures, blogs, patterns, packaging, posters, menu, signboard, wallpapers, web, t-shirts, scrapbooks and more.