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Graffiti Bundle
Graffiti Bundle
Graffiti Bundle
CreativeMarket - Graffiti Bundle 126002 | 1.9 GB


  • 72 Spraypaint: Graffiti scans, Paint splatters, Inks, Grunge textures, Drips
  • 15 Poster Actions: Your color, Poster art, Linography, Pencil style
  • 31 Brush Strokes: Pencil, Marker, Pen, Inks different Brushes.
  • 49 Colorfull Paintsplatters: Scattering drips, dots from printer ink.
  • 44 Grunge textures: Ink, Paint distorted walls.
  • 18 Tags: Modern Gothic, Brush pen, Vandalisers.
  • 38 Ink Fusion: From watercolor in water to ink dissolvations.
  • Stencil Spray paint letters: Full Alphabet. Upper and Lower cases.
  • 3 Layered PSD Examples

CM - Halloween Avatars And Font 408384
115 EPS 113 PNG 2 Ai 2 TTF | 48 MB RAR
It’s bloodly known that Halloween tends to be celebrated with costume party. You could be anything to join the howling fun! Inspired by that fact, we gather most of every hostile character and create 113 avatars you’re going to have a love-scare relationship with. We have wicked pumpkin, Dracula, the mummy, greenlake monster, jason mask, wolfman, storm troopers and many more.
The avatars are provided in .ai, .eps, .svg and .png formats for your convenience in using them. Who knows what your creative mind is going on, you can put them on your invitation card, door sign, poster, it’s up to your imagination!

Sketch'it - Chalk and Sketch effects - Creativemarket 82589
CreativeMarket - Sketch'it - Chalk and Sketch effects 82589
Layered PSD | Adobe CS3+ | 156 MB

CreativeMarket - 455 LR Presets PS Action Mega Bundle 228245
Add-on Files Included: JPG Image, Photoshop ATN; Minimum Adobe CS Version: CS5, Size: 506 MB

CM - Pencil Set 388216

CM - Pencil Set 388216
CM - Pencil Set 388216
CM - Pencil Set 388216


CreativeMarket - Pencil Set 388216

TIFF | PNG | All Files | 4000x3000 | CS5.5+ | RAR 925,6 MB


CM - Balham to Brooklyn Script Fonts 362195


OTF | 896 KB RAR
The inspiration Balham to Brooklyn was lots of things, from previous attempts at creating a script typeface to old American neon signs. It’s me absorbing things—popular culture. America and watching too much Fast N’ Loud on discovery channel.
This is my take on that cutesy, nostalgic slice of America. It’s Krispy Kreme sweet and more than a touch retro.
It's a monoline script font so each letter is fully-connected to the next to emulate hand drawn letterforms. This is done by using contextual alternatives an OpenType feature available in you design application.
It’s ideally suited for packaging, logo work, branding, occasions, invites, posters and anything creative.
Brooklyn is about 3458 miles from Balham.
The font format is otf and it only has one weight (regular). It includes all standard glyphs with contextual alternatives.
The typeface includes support for Western, Central and South Eastern languages. It has upper/lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.
To get the real hand-drawn effect you must turn on contextual alternatives in your design application.
In total, it has 937 glyphs. I have even thrown in a selection of alternative uppercase letters.
The font preview window does not show contextual alternatives. Please check the screenshots for the proper version.
The font is not intended to be used in uppercase as it will look ugly. It's all about the sentence case.
For the best results in photoshop please set the anti-alias to smooth.

CM - Bayshore Script Font 543283
Perm your hair, squeeze into your lycra, and retro-fy your text with Bayshore! A totally tubular mono-line script font straight out of the 80's.
This hand-drawn font is perfect for creating slick & stylish lettering. Whether it’s for logos, product packaging or merchandise, Bayshore is guaranteed to give your text an unmistakeable retro quality.
Bayshore comes as a single font file with plenty of added features which allow you to customise your text

CM - Gently Script 343796
CM - Gently Script 343796


Gently Script was named after a poem by Dylan Thomas Called "Do not go gentle into that good night"
Gently script has an informal appearance with only a tiny smidgen of decoration, this keeps it simple and easy to read.
Script Ligatures and alternatives
The typeface aims to give the feeling of handwriting. It has numerous ligatures and alternatives to make it more realistic.

CM - Mr Chumley font 560188
6 OTF | 2.2 MB RAR
Ideal for headlines at 16 points or higher. Mr Chumley would look great on Posters, Book jacket designs, Packaging, Billboards and anything where you want that bold look.


CM - Gallow Tree 340497


Gallow tree was inspired by the classic horror posters like creature from the black lagoon and house of Dracula. I love those old horror movies and the classic posters.
So the font is kind of creepy, but it’s still lively and very legible. I drew this with a Faber Castell brush pen, the pen strokes were quick giving the impression of movement.

CM - Old Harbour vintage font collection 657724
12 TTF 12 OTF EPS | 1.47 MB RAR
The Old Harbour is a font collection of 12 hand drawn fonts inspired by the vintage hand lettered signage, the old bottles' labels and the aesthetic of my favourite old school tattoos. The fonts can work together in endless combinations, to create beautiful vintage designs for apparel, logos, labels, posters or any merchandise product you can imagine.

CM - Little Wonder font 705819

CreativeMarket - Little Wonder font 705819
OTF | 663 KB RAR
Little wonder is handpainted typeface. Made with a single watercolour brush and painstakingly digitized into a typeface.
It's a script font, but it's bold enough to be used as a display typeface. It's a bit chaotic and kooky but I like it. It has one style and a load of alternative letters, initial letterforms, and a few terminal forms.
If it was a celebrity it would be more Bill Murray than Kanye West.
It looks grand over photos but could be used for headlines, invitations, posters and branding work or anything where you want that hand made look and feel.
  • One weight regular
  • Standard Ligatures
  • Upper and lowercase
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation & Symbols
  • Western European characters
  • Central European characters
  • South Eastern European characters
  • OTF

CM - The Blooming Elegant Font Trio 537891


CM - The Blooming Elegant Font Trio 537891
CreativeMarket - The Blooming Elegant Font Trio 537891
  • Introducing the new and ever-so-lovely Blooming Elegant Font Trio…a delightful little Font-family with an elegant yet playful nature. Blooming Elegant consists of three fonts designed to compliment each other perfectly. Together or apart the fonts are ideal for adding that special 'hand lettered' look to your designs.

CreativeMarket - Funkiess - Display Typeface + Bonus 329678
CreativeMarket - Funkiess - Display Typeface + Bonus 329678
OTF, TTF, EPS, AI | 20.12 MB

CM - Software Packaging Box Mockup 634345
CM - Software Packaging Box Mockup 634345
CM - Software Packaging Box Mockup 634345
CM - Software Packaging Box Mockup 634345
CM - Software Packaging Box Mockup 634345
CM - Software Packaging Box Mockup 634345
CreativeMarket - Software Packaging Box Mockup 634345
AI & PSD Files | CS6+ | 500 dpi | 5000x5000 px | 18 MB

CreativeMarket - Cloth, Apparel & Accessories Mockups 555135
PSD | 3.7 GB RAR

CM - Men & Women Ghost T-shirt Mock-up 541278
CreativeMarket - Men & Women Ghost T-shirt Mock-up 541278


4 PSD | 647 MB RAR
  • 4 psd files 5000×3500px; 300 dpi
  • User Manual
  • men tshirt (back and front), women tshirt (back and front)
  • You can change color, put your own design using smart objects
  • You can choose between 3 gray melange textures
  • You can choose between 3 types of labels
  • Realistic effect
  • Well organized layers

CM - Pastel 2 collection 911156
CreativeMarket - Pastel 2 collection 911156
PNG | 433 MB RAR
This high quality watercolor collection includes all you need for your own unique creation: floral elements (flowers, branches, leaves, succulent plants and more), feathers and moths, handpainted backgrounds, decorative elements!
And also sea and sky themes: fluffy clouds, colorful balloons, whales, aerocrafts, lighthouse,seagull etc!
Here you can also find bouquets, wreaths, seamless patterns, template cards and more!
More 60 elements!
You will receive:
  • 26 floral elements (flowers, pansy flower, branches, leaves, succulent plants, waffle cone, eucalyptus leave and more)
  • 9 elements in sea theme: 1 lighthouse, 3 seagulls, 1 seashell and 4 whales included
  • 9 elements in sky theme: 2 colorful air ballons, 5 fluffy clouds, 2 aerocrafts
  • 8 multicolored feathers
  • 6 moths
  • 4 handpainted background 2600X3800px in Jpeg and Png
  • 7 pre-made bouquets
  • 3 pre-made wreaths
  • 6 seamless patterns 5000X5000px in Jpeg
  • 4 template cards without text 4000X5000 and 5000X5000px in Jpeg
  • 4 watercolor triangles and 4 watercolor circles.


CM - Entire Shop Bundle - 87% OFF - 316019
CM - Entire Shop Bundle - 87% OFF - 316019
CM - Entire Shop Bundle - 87% OFF - 316019
CM - Entire Shop Bundle - 87% OFF - 316019
CM - Entire Shop Bundle - 87% OFF - 316019
CM - Entire Shop Bundle - 87% OFF - 316019
CreativeMarket - Entire Shop Bundle 316019
PNG | JPG | PSD | TTF | 1.84 GB